Leuthold Global Industries Portfolio

A flexible, 100% global equity strategy seeking capital appreciation through global group identification and rotation.

The Leuthold Global Industries portfolio seeks capital appreciation and dividend income through industry group selection and rotation, and endeavors to remain fully invested in global equities at all times.  The Global Industries portfolio employs a top-down approach which reflects our conviction that industry group selection, and the seemingly most attractive stocks within these groups can produce superior long-term performance.

A disciplined, unemotional and quantitative investment strategy facilitates more complete analyses of the industry group universe. After selecting the industry group equity concentrations, individual stocks within each group are chosen for investment based on a quantitative assessment which attempts to identify those stocks exhibiting the characteristics that may be driving the underlying strength of the group as a whole. The Advisor regularly updates its investment discipline and adjusts the Fund’s portfolio as necessary to keep the Fund invested in stocks in those groups which the Advisor has identified as potentially the most attractive per the quantitative Global Group Selection strategy.

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