AdvantHedge Portfolio

AdvantHedge is the short-selling risk control program of Leuthold Weeden Capital Management, with an outstanding long-term relative performance record. Using a disciplined, unemotional and quantitative investment approach, AdvantHedge seeks capital appreciation by identifying companies whose stocks are expected to decline in price and selling those stocks short. (see Short Selling Disclosures below)

Developed by The Leuthold Group, this unique short-selling strategy employs a proprietary approach, the Vulnerability Index, to evaluate the downside potential of medium-to-large capitalization stocks. It restricts short selling to a package of about 50 stocks ($1 billion or greater market cap) with good liquidity, avoiding huge concentrations in a single sector.

Always 100% short; options and futures are not employed, and leverage is not a feature. Leuthold Weeden Capital Management has been managing separate account portfolios using this strategy since 1990.

For additional information, including performance detail, please contact Leuthold Weeden Capital Management: 888-200-0409 or email, and a marketing representative will respond to your inquiry.

*Note: Short Selling carries additional risks which may have an effect on performance, including: market risk, short sale risk, rising stock market risk, high portfolio turnover risk, and overvaluation investment approach risk. These risks may have a negative effect on the performance.

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